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Christmas Costumes For Children

Christmas is always a joy to wait for and arrangements for the occasion starts early. People of all ages look for outfits even though the children are generally more thrilled about putting on a costume up for the day and season in comparison to grownups. Kids create all types of presentations during the delighted season […]

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Why I Love Vintage Clothing?

Today’s clothing industry shows a renewed interest for the styles of the past. Vintage clothing and dresses are all the rage, thanks to their classic design, hand made construction and materials. Vintage shops are taking up with regularity both online and in cities. My wares consist of nearly every era, design, material and cost. Within every classification are […]

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Wear A Sweater Dress With Confidence

The sweater dress is one of clothing where you can have it or not have it, but when you do have it, you love it. It is one of the most flexible items you can buy! Every woman should learn how to put on sweater clothing as much as learning how to create hotcakes from […]

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Are Indian Designer Dresses Right For You?

There are so many factors to consider when determining on that ideal outfit. The color, fit, material as well as whether it’s for an evening or day event must all be taken into consideration before buying. Another very real question is if you are eager to buy a designer outfit, which designer is ideal for […]

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A T-shirt For All Seasons

I associate certain things together.  The spicy smell of hot mulled wine reminds me of ice-skating before Christmas, the mouth-watering smell of salt and vinegar takes me back to summer at the seaside.  And another thing I have always associated with summer are shorts and T-shirts.  For as long as I can remember as soon […]