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A T-shirt For All Seasons

T-shirtI associate certain things together.  The spicy smell of hot mulled wine reminds me of ice-skating before Christmas, the mouth-watering smell of salt and vinegar takes me back to summer at the seaside.  And another thing I have always associated with summer are shorts and T-shirts.  For as long as I can remember as soon as the clocks go back and the days get longer and hotter as far as I’m concerned its shorts and T-shirt season.  When packing for summer holidays I’ve never had a problem deciding what to take, it’s easy.  If its summer, its shorts and T-shirt weather.  But it has been brought to my attention recently that perhaps T-shirts and shorts aren’t just for summer – that maybe, just maybe they are wearable all year round.


Convincing a Style Cynic

Certainly when I’m working out at the gym or when running outdoors if the weather is still warm enough I will wear shorts and a T-shirt.  But if I’m meeting mates at the pub on a wintery weekend afternoon?  It just doesn’t quite work does it?  Its not so much the T-shirt that would stand out like a sore thumb, more like the shorts – legs are supposed to go into hibernation for winter social events.  In addition it would just be plain cold!  I know there seems to be a fashion for women to wear smart shorts (verging on hot pants) out for an evening, but at least they are able to wear a pair of thermal tights underneath!


So, shorts all year round?  I’m still unconvinced.  But the idea of T-shirts as a year round style staple on the other hand, I’m warming up to. It’s the versatility of T-shirts that makes me start to question why I’ve never considered them as much more than a summer essential.  Unlike shorts, T-shirts can be worn under things like jumpers, jackets and hoodies, which can help avoid freezing in the dropping temperatures.  T-shirts are also a bit of a style revelation, have a look for yourself here in this gallery of fashion T-shirts.


Style Through the Seasons

I have to admit that since I started to look at T-shirts as a year round essential my eyes have been well and truly opened to the style possibilities that won’t leave me cold!  I had never given much thought to layering aside from putting a jacket over my shirt, but wearing T-shirts in the winter is where layering really shines. For a truly casual look you can wear a long sleeve top under a T-shirt, and to really sharpen it up contrast the colours of the long sleeves with the T-shirt.  My favourite look at the moment though is a smart casual one, great for autumn and I know it will work well into winter.  It’s a striped T-shirt.  Stripes look great on T-shirts – check out the great striped T-shirt in this fashion item.  And when I team the striped T-shirt with a casual blazer my look has that multi-seasonal style.


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