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Custom made shirts, made easy

Combining the modern trend of customization and the traditional craftsmanship of tailoring, the custom dress shirt can now be achieved without ever having to leave home. This means that more men can now experience the luxurious look and feel of a tailor-made dress shirt – a luxury that previously would have taken them out of their comfort zone.

For men with the ideal body type, off-the-rack clothing might not seem like such a negative thing. But for the average man, any number of factors or dimensions can prevent a perfect fit, even in something as seemingly uncomplicated as a dress shirt. Custom made shirts are nothing new, but many men who were understandably uncomfortable with the idea of being measured in person can now take advantage of a tailored fit.

With a simple and quick way to create a men’s custom dress shirt, icustomshirts has adapted the tailoring experience to the modern man. Now users can have complete control over ever design aspect, from fabric to fit and everything in between.

The starting point of custom made shirts is the fabric. icustomshirts lets you explore pattern, colour, weave and density to develop a unique design. And whereas as the in-store experience can leave shoppers disappointed when they find the right look but not the right size, now both are sure to be available. Materials like royal oxford, Batiste, cotton, non-iron, Dobby and brushed twill, to name a few, provide all the variety you could want, while in-depth descriptions and high-quality images convey the product’s details clearly.

The intuitive design process continues with style choices such as collar and cuff, details like buttons and, finally, fit. Your custom dress shirt can be sized in three ways, so the end result is something that complements your body. And once you’ve established the perfect fit, the icustomshirts system makes it easy to design and order another dress shirt using the same sizing info.

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