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Sublimation – realizing the full potential of custom hockey jerseys

Sublimation is taking hockey jerseys in a bold new direction, empowering each customer to take customization beyond simply adding their name or favourite number. As a form of printing unlike any other, sublimation opens the door wide for design possibilities – leaving your imagination as the only limit.

Custom hockey jerseys are a natural fit for this type of printing, since colour and imagery are left entirely in the hands of the designer. Instead of transferring ink directly onto a hockey or baseball jersey, for example, sublimation recreates the graphics through a process of permanent dying, whereby the digitized image essentially becomes inseparable from the material itself.

Sublimated hockey jerseys begin as a plain white piece of fabric that is unsown. The design, after being digitized in vector format, is then transferred to a garment such as a baseball jersey, which serves as a durable canvas for many years. Custom hockey jerseys can incorporate detailed designs with intricate line-work and gradient colours – features that would be difficult to render accurately through other forms of printing.

A sublimated baseball jersey can emulate a professional team’s design or take on a much more vibrant and interesting look. Every aspect of the jersey is customizable, and once the design has been finalized and converted to a digital format it is easy to print another according to that same file on the computer. Hockey jerseys can be decorated with an unlimited number of colours according to one flat fee, with no worries about skyrocketing prices due to screen setup costs.

Brad Hall & Co., a leader in sublimated custom hockey jerseys and other apparel in the Greater Toronto Area, can bring to life any design you can imagine. His experienced team and high-tech machinery have simplified the process of manufacturing garments such as baseball and hockey jerseys with crisp, clean graphics.

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