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Getting the Celebrity Look

Celebrities always get the best of everything and their choices of clothing, jewellery, make up or even beauty treatments can influence vast swathes of the public. Buying an item of clothing in the style that is being worn by a current celebrity can make you feel simply divine!
The Success of the Little Red Dress
The items that we crave don’t have to break the bank; Recently Nigella Lawson caused quite a stir after appearing on a TV show in an amazingly flattering red wiggle dress. Her stunning hourglass figure aside, the dress became highly sought after and when she tweeted her followers on Twitter telling them where she got it, a small yet perfectly formed clothing shop in Somerset, sales have gone through the roof. With the dress coming in at less than £200, this is an extravagant but achievable purchase for many women and just goes to show the power of celebrity when it comes to the public’s taste in fashion.
The internet is regularly deluged with requests as to where a celebrity got a particular necklace, dress or shoes and regardless of the discomfort you might find squeezing into those ultra high heels or weighed down by a chunky set of earrings, they still become a must have.
High Street Celebrity Style
The high street is great at providing celebrity style to those on a budget and not only can look alike dresses or similar shoes be a delightful purchase but many celebrities and designers have their own ranges or sections in high street stores making them highly accessible. David Beckham’s recent underwear campaign for H and M will no doubt have men looking to purchase Beck’s undies but women may even be buying their partners a pair or two as an exciting surprise. A celebrity endorsement can boost sales of many items almost overnight.
Secret Agent Style
Sometimes a brand itself is highly sought after even without celebrity endorsement but a celebrity wearing the brand certainly doesn’t do it any harm. Daniel Craig is a man oozing sophistication and style and his celebrity status is riding high at the moment, coupled with his role as Bond and he has become the epitome of what most men want to be. Anything he wears is likely to be incredibly popular so the appearance of an Omega watch adorning his wrist adds to the interest in the brand and it is unsurprising that as well as the reputation for quality, Omega no doubt sold a few more watches after the Bond films.
Like it or not, we look towards the celebrity world for ideas on fashion, style and jewellery and our desire for goods worn by our favourite celebs doesn’t appear to be abating so the next time you are choosing a dress or item of jewellery; are you being influenced by the choices of your favourite celebrity?
Zoe Berry is a vibrant and bubbly freelance writer who loves writing about many aspects of fashion, beauty, celebrity and lifestyle.

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