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Stunning Natural Nails

Buying organic nail polish does not mean that you have to give up color options or quality. Actually, buying organic polish means that you are buying a safer product. If it is a water-based organic polish then it is not only safer to use than ordinary polish, it is also odorless and hypoallergenic. Organic nail polish will last just as long as non-organic polish and look just as good! Non-organic nail polishes may contain some scary ingredients like formaldehyde, which is often added as a nail hardener, as well as DBP and toluene. These chemicals have been scientifically shown to cause certain cancers and to negatively affect reproductive health, so it is important to choose nail products that are made without these dangerous chemicals.


Because chemicals are absorbed into the body through the nail bed, consumers should be very aware and concerned about the products they are buying. Choosing to use an all natural nail polish means that you don’t have to inhale dangerous chemical fumes or worry about any other dangerous chemicals that may affect your health and wellbeing. It also means that your nails will not only look but actually be healthier, because natural and organic polishes do not contain the harsh chemicals that other polishes do.

Non-organic polishes can cause fingernails to become brittle and thin and become yellowish in color, which of course is not the desired result of anyone using nail polish. After all, the goal of using nail polish is to give your hands a pretty makeover, not damage your nails.

Aside from being unsafe for your body, non-organic polishes are also extremely bad for the environment. When you are finished with a bottle of nail polish you toss it in the trash, right? Well, when nail polish is thrown in the trash the bottle may leak and the dangerous chemicals and toxins in the polish may leech out into soil and groundwater. Nail polish, just like house paint, is not something you should just throw in the trash without first thinking about environmental concerns. Buying organic and natural nail polish alleviates the health and environmental concerns that come with buying ordinary polish. While many companies have responded to the growing awareness of concerns regarding dangerous chemicals in beauty products like nail polish and are beginning to offer more organic and natural options, a majority of the leading nail care products you seen in popular beauty media have still not made the transition to healthier non-toxic products. Safe, natural, non-toxic nail polishes are available at fine online retailers like in a wide variety of your favorite colors.

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