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Tips for Achieving a Perfect Beard!

perfect-beardA beard completes a man! For a perfect masculine look a man must have a great looking beard. Some grow beards just because they love to have some facial hair, others keep it because of the ongoing trend and some only want beard to impress girls! Growing a beard is a wonderful experience that all man must try in their lives once.

Growing a beard requires some serious dedication and patience and maintaining a perfect killer beard is not a piece of cake.
Here are some serious tips and tricks that must be followed to get a flawless manly beard:

Let it grow for the perfect style:

First when you decide to grow a beard, make sure to let it grow properly. Don`t try to shape or trim it for at least 6-7 weeks. Early trimming or shaping can lead to thin and patchy areas which will destroy your whole beard. After that choose the beard style that will suit you, pick a style that compliments your face. Make sure that the length and thickness of your beard is up to the mark.


Wash it regularly:

Just like your head and body your beard also needs to be washed properly. Never use shampoo for your beard because the hair on your head are different from the hair on your face and the strong chemicals in regular shampoos can damage your beard and ruin its volume and thickness. Use a good quality beard wash instead.  Try to wash it with gentle hands.

You can use your BirchBox Coupons to buy Beard Buddy Beard Wash which contains Organic ingredients that cleanses your beard, leaving behind a smooth and silky effect.


Oiling your Beard:

For a healthy and thick beard it`s really important to massage your beard with a good quality beard oil. This oil contains special nutrients that help promote a healthy beard. After washing your beard, massage it thoroughly with great quality beard oil. There are vast varieties to choose from, but if you want a 100% genuine reliable product buy Blackbird Beard Oil with BirchBox Coupons.


Use Beard Conditioner:

Just like you use conditioner for the hair on your head, you should use it on your beard too. Beard hair is much more prone to getting wiry and frizzy; conditioner will keep the hair tangle free, healthy and shiny.  Jojoba oil also acts as a natural conditioner for the beard. If you are searching for a reasonable beard conditioner, buy Stubble & ‘Stache Face Moisturizer and Beard Conditioner with BirchBox Coupons.


Comb your Beard:

Just like you comb your head you must do the same with your beard. You may use wider-tooth comb or a boar bristle brush to detangle your beard. You can buy the perfect Baxter of California Beard Comb by using your BirchBox Coupons , at a cheap price.


Proper Trimming and Styling of Beard:

Learn to trim your beard for the perfect shape. If you can`t style it properly yourself go to a hair stylist for the styling and trimming of your beard. After the initial growth, trims should occur once or twice a month to maintain a clean bearded look. Use a pair of scissors to trim the hair around your chin butgo for a beard trimmer for the sides and around your cheeks.

Beard trimmers have a guard with adjustable lengths. Since it`s easier to trim a bit  more rather than grow some back, start with a longer setting on the trimmer and move down until you find your desired setting. Remember that you should always trim your beard when it`s dry. Invest in a great quality trimmer that can lasts for years and is efficient enough to provide the right shape to your beard.

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