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Finding Narrow Width Shoes For Women

Almost 80% of the population has average width feet that fit into normal sized footwear. This section of the population usually has no problem as they can find footwear almost everywhere. Manufacturers also cater to this section of the population creating several different styles, designs and sizes.

However, a small percent of the population has unusually shaped or narrow feet that are difficult to fit. For these people, finding fitting shoes are a nightmare and they literally have to drift from company to company to find an adequate fit. If you belong to this percentage of people, then you already know what we are talking about…

Narrow width shoes for women with narrow soles

Almost 20% of the population has narrow soles and ordinary shoes do not fit these soles. In fact, wearing ordinary soles can cause severe foot and ankle pain and even walking difficulties. However, the problem with narrow feet is that realtime stores do not stock these sizes. You can find a good size but you have to go online to large national retailers that will stock size, shapes and widths. However, before you actually go online, we do have a few tips that will help you understand how to pick narrow fit women’s shoes from the store.

Measure your foot — Before you go online to buy any type of shoes, make sure you measure your feet by drawing an outline around your feet and measuring the dimensions of your feet. Use these measurements to compare with the store measurements to ensure that you have the right foot size.

Understanding store measurements — Narrow width shoes are usually indicated as N or C and this marking is placed under the shoe’s tongue. Another important note is that the more letters that follow the N and C, the slimmer the shoe width. For example, 4A is slimmer than 3A and so on.  The store will have a SELF HELP section in which you can compare your foot measurements and find the right narrow width shoe size.

Visit medical stores — In case you cannot find narrow width shoes, you can just as easily visit medical stores or orthopedic stores that will have special narrow width shoes.

Find a good retailer — Make sure that you have read the return policy for the online store before you make a purchase. There is a chance that the shoes are not the right size as manufacturers do have minimal size differences that may cause discomfort. If you can find shoes in a comfortable width, buy two to three pairs of these shoes and keep them in stock.

Narrow width feet transfer weight from the ball of the foot to the heel and the arch does not take any support during this process. As a result, these feet are susceptible to foot fatigue, discomfort and even mechanical foot problems later on. To prevent this, do as much research as possible and find a good retailer who will supply the right narrow width shoes for total comfort.


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