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Elegant Watches – Splendid Examples of Time and Art

Watches fit both your personality and the occasion. The watch, a man or woman chooses to wear tells a whole lot more than the time. It is a fact that many brands release new collections of watches fairly frequently, but there are many elegant watches that enjoy a heritage status. As such, some families prefer to pass down such watches from generation to generation and the most impressive thing about this is that the watches are still beautiful and fully operational if they are cared properly. Watches have become a very important symbol of status and welfare. Many people are in the business of selling replicas, however, if you’re a quality watch lover it’s important to be able to tell real from fake.

A luxury watch consists of more than 300 parts. A great deal of thought and meticulous work is put in to fitting the most complex mechanisms into the smallest casings. These highly skilled watch makers do not understand the word “compromise” and their meticulous attention to every small detail is a key reason why these watches have been praised by watch connoisseurs around the world. Watches which provide additional time-related features such as timers, chronographs and alarm functions are common nowadays. Some modern designs even go as far as using GPStechnology or heart-rate monitoring capabilities. Chronograph watches measure small fractions of a second. Some are used to calculate speeds, distances and altitudes. There are specialized watches for astronauts, pilots, parachutists and skin divers-even timepieces that meet the special needs of blind persons. Some also give the phases of the moon or the time in other countries or time zones. Also, most fine watches today are specially made to resist water, dust, wind, shock and magnetic field.

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